fave photo friday


fave photo friday

Couldn’t choose just one this week. Portrait of our life this week 🙂

strawberries and sanitation

a little over a week ago we went strawberry picking! (and then yesterday we went again!) i have to admit, after 5ish weeks of avoiding all public places (especially with the kids) it was startling to drive up to the packed parking lot of the strawberry farm. but, social distancing and hand washing were maintained.

woods and water

despite a….frustrating…start trying to find each other after parking at different parking lots, we had a great time hiking and exploring johnson mills nature preserve the other day with jean and the kids. i really love finding new outdoor spots around durham, and there are so many! when i stop and think about it, woods and water seem to be our favorite escape.

fave photo friday

the Cormiers came for a visit up from their (soon-to-be) new house. we were hanging out in the front when i saw hudson roll up on his own on his hoverboard. im looking forward to the many visits both expected and unexpected. all together and one-on-one time. (and can we talk about how old these two look??)
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