bringing home baby

we’ve had HOBBES home for a whole week! and boy does it feel like a lot longer than that! i think i prepared myself enough for sleepless nights and puppy habits that its been (dare i say it) easier than i expected? he sleeps through the night, is getting the hang of house training, loves to sleep on beach towels, loves to chew (surprise!), hates his crate, is learning basic commands, and loves to sleep on us. He likes chewing on sticks and pinecones, gets tired quickly, and loves barbie hair.

hobbes seems to really fit in with us and we are so happy to have him. he weighed 21 lbs the day after we brought him home at his first vet checkup. (at 9 weeks!) he is now 10 weeks and 2 days and definitely seems bigger already. ive been really impressed by how he tolerates being squeezed, held, poked, woken-up, etc etc. everyone loves him so much.

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