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Mommy and mags

How does a toboggan turn Maggie into a pre-teen?

fave photo friday

A current ritual: late night cereal and comics (with a side of camera shyness).

Maggie at 4.5

Maggie’s half birthday was on April 7th and we celebrated with a colorful cake!  (We’re sitting together on the couch watching the “grownup” Beauty and the Beast while I attempt to write.)

Maggie girl,

at 4.5 (ish) years you:

  • are determined and so enthusiastic
  • are obsessed with using the remotes yourself
  • play with magnatiles, barbies, and babies
  • love to ride your bike everyday
  • want to be with people as much as possible
  • wake me up almost everyday and mostly wait for your clock to turn green first
  • love broccoli
  • are active
  • love treats, TV, and books
  • have finally started to say you are an artist and even that you want to be one when you grow up!
  • have finished your third year of preschool!
  • have grown so tall in the last few months
  • want your hair down
  • are excited about the move
  • put your shoes on the wrong feet most days
  • like to pick out your own outfits of course
  • are excited to play soccer this year
  • are OBSESSED with your baby sister


fave photo friday

Jackson had a teacher workday today and it was BEAUTIFUL outside.  I think NCMA might be my favorite place in Raleigh.

fave photo friday


Maggie was very eager to help me this week with thank you notes for both her birthday and baby gifts.  She did an excellent job stamping our return address 🙂

Maggie loves snail mail, she even writes letters back and forth with her good friend Chloe (as I type this she is writing a note to chloe at her craft table in the playroom).

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