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dressing up

the other day i put a dress on willa that I had bought at the end of last summer but sadly had been sitting in her drawer with the tags on it. we haven’t had many places to go (#covid). her sweet little dress went very well with the new socks that she excitedly picked out for herself at the mall last weekend. im going to make an effort to dress us all up a bit. she enjoyed it.

sunday hike

jackson, willa, hobbes, and me went for a nice fall hike today. we tried out a new spot in duke forest. it was nice for letting hobbes go off leash and practicing his manners and things. willa especially enjoys “blue sky” and the “wind feel good”. willa enjoyed collecting acorns and leaves before riding in the ergo, which she also enjoys very much thankfully.

friday photos

this felt like a long week. between the election, daylight savings, and a lot of sessions, it was really nice to wake up to friday. maggie got to head to the mountains for a special weekend with my parents. jackson, willa, and I are getting some special time. I dropped Jackson and Hudson off at a church middle school event tonight. it was a little surreal and exciting at the same time. it was a lovely day.


I’m thankful that Willa has been such a great walking buddy. She is generally very content in the stroller. We hardly run (that was me and Jackson at this age) just a little bit every now and then. Starting with her pregnancy, Willa and I have gone on many many, walks together and it has been so good for me! We walked around the Y indoor track almost daily while I was pregnant and even walked over 10 miles together the day I was in labor! These days, Willa is very content to look for birds and squirrels, watch her brother and sister scooter and ride, and of course, snack.

bedhead with a side of pb&j

I want to remember how right now Willa says “nigh nigh” for both night-night and snack. She loves to throw her head back in her chair when she’s feeling really happy or silly. Her cheeks were extra rosy and her hair extra wild today after her (not long enough) nap.

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