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I’m thankful that Willa has been such a great walking buddy. She is generally very content in the stroller. We hardly run (that was me and Jackson at this age) just a little bit every now and then. Starting with her pregnancy, Willa and I have gone on many many, walks together and it has been so good for me! We walked around the Y indoor track almost daily while I was pregnant and even walked over 10 miles together the day I was in labor! These days, Willa is very content to look for birds and squirrels, watch her brother and sister scooter and ride, and of course, snack.

bedhead with a side of pb&j

I want to remember how right now Willa says “nigh nigh” for both night-night and snack. She loves to throw her head back in her chair when she’s feeling really happy or silly. Her cheeks were extra rosy and her hair extra wild today after her (not long enough) nap.

fave photo friday

A current ritual: late night cereal and comics (with a side of camera shyness).

fave photo friday


We’ve already had three trips to the pool in between packing  – which feels endless.

I did discover that Willa has fun in the pool once we lose the bathing suit 🙂

7 and 8 months

Alas, April (and now almost May) came and went with no 7 or 8 month blog posts (sorry Willa!) Our girl is now almost 9 months.  Willa, you have turned that corner in the past few weeks from little baby to feeling older and closer to 1.  Not every day, but some days you are taking two longer naps instead of three.  You are staying awake for much longer.  You have two teeth as of about a week or so ago!!  You are getting very close to crawling.  You manage to wiggle and scoot around.  You have had another cold which resulted in a few sleepless nights for you and me.  Being 8 months old brought some better sleep, thank goodness, though.


Here’s some PHOTO OVERLOAD to compensate for the delay including, monthly chair pics, first grocery cart ride, soccer days, sick days, mastering the art of sitting up, park days, your first Easter and more.  We sold and bought a house in April (that might have something to do with the blogging taking a back burner).


we love every bit of you.

we are obsessed with you.

you bring us so much joy.

you’re growing so dang fast.

7 month pics


 8 months


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