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feeling like fall

a few moments from today.

the weather was beautiful and it was a pleasantly slow saturday.

willa seems to actually appreciate my (black) coffee but today i limited her to dipping her animal crakers in it. i do try to prevent her from actually drinking it.

i didn’t bring my phone but jean and i took the boys (including hobbes!) and willa to a new hiking spot at the hollow rock nature preserve. Willa loves a hike and even asked to hike tomorrow when i put her to bed.

willa asked me to sit in the chair in her room while she had book time in her crib.

maggie and i spent time during willa’s nap adding some (MUCH long awaited) finishing touches to the playhouse. We have plans for making it extra comfortable and decorated for christmas.

the day was, of course, not without its significant ups and downs and i have a considerable amount of work to do this weekend – but it is so worthwhile to pause and reflect on the lovely.

sunday hike

jackson, willa, hobbes, and me went for a nice fall hike today. we tried out a new spot in duke forest. it was nice for letting hobbes go off leash and practicing his manners and things. willa especially enjoys “blue sky” and the “wind feel good”. willa enjoyed collecting acorns and leaves before riding in the ergo, which she also enjoys very much thankfully.

friday photos

this felt like a long week. between the election, daylight savings, and a lot of sessions, it was really nice to wake up to friday. maggie got to head to the mountains for a special weekend with my parents. jackson, willa, and I are getting some special time. I dropped Jackson and Hudson off at a church middle school event tonight. it was a little surreal and exciting at the same time. it was a lovely day.

bringing home baby

we’ve had HOBBES home for a whole week! and boy does it feel like a lot longer than that! i think i prepared myself enough for sleepless nights and puppy habits that its been (dare i say it) easier than i expected? he sleeps through the night, is getting the hang of house training, loves to sleep on beach towels, loves to chew (surprise!), hates his crate, is learning basic commands, and loves to sleep on us. He likes chewing on sticks and pinecones, gets tired quickly, and loves barbie hair.

hobbes seems to really fit in with us and we are so happy to have him. he weighed 21 lbs the day after we brought him home at his first vet checkup. (at 9 weeks!) he is now 10 weeks and 2 days and definitely seems bigger already. ive been really impressed by how he tolerates being squeezed, held, poked, woken-up, etc etc. everyone loves him so much.