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sunday night

i want to remember tonight.

we all went to a movie with E this afternoon and the boys and girls drove separately.

by the time jackson and travis got home with some errands after the movie, i had put willa to bed and maggie was zonked out on the couch.

jackson was reading on his bed when i asked him if he wanted to go on a walk with me.

he almost always does.

we changed, grabbed some popsicles and walked around the block.

our walk turned into catching lightning bugs in the backyard and passing the soccer ball.

after we came in he found me reading on my bed and asked if he could join.

i just want to remember.

Fave photo friday


Books are big in our house right now. I think we have something like 45 checked out from the library right now! 

Maggie is almost constantly sliding a book over to us or asking for “buh”. 

And our boy (who finished his third quarter of kindergarten today!) is really growing as a reader, he’s doing so great! 

September reading update

Last month, Jackson and I added a couple of chapter books to our read list. 


I actually had never read Stuart Little. It had a somewhat, ambiguous and philosophical ending.  Jackson didn’t realize that we had actually finished it. 🙂

As for “Galaxy Zach”, it’s part of a series. Jackson seemed to like it. It was more age appropriate for him. Though, not as much fun for me 🙂

1 down, many more to go

tonight, jackson and I finished our first chapter book together. We had been reading a bit each night for a little while. We really enjoyed it. On to the next!