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sunday hike

jackson, willa, hobbes, and me went for a nice fall hike today. we tried out a new spot in duke forest. it was nice for letting hobbes go off leash and practicing his manners and things. willa especially enjoys “blue sky” and the “wind feel good”. willa enjoyed collecting acorns and leaves before riding in the ergo, which she also enjoys very much thankfully.

friday photos

this felt like a long week. between the election, daylight savings, and a lot of sessions, it was really nice to wake up to friday. maggie got to head to the mountains for a special weekend with my parents. jackson, willa, and I are getting some special time. I dropped Jackson and Hudson off at a church middle school event tonight. it was a little surreal and exciting at the same time. it was a lovely day.

Saturday morning

Cereal snacks with a side of roomba entertainment for Willa.

Snow day!

I wasn’t sure we would get to see snow this winter but it finally came! Jackson’s school was cancelled yesterday with snow in the forecast and they are of course both home today. When the rain changed to snow yesterday afternoon the kids didn’t waste time getting out. This was Willa’s first time in the snow and I think she really liked it! She even laughed getting stuffed into snow gear 😊. This morning the kids were outside to play around 7:30 and we had cinnamon rolls. I’m pretty sure it will melt this afternoon but we are thankful and excited for our first Durham snow day.

Willa spotting snow for the first time!

One of my personal favorite views. Coffee.

Fave photo Friday

Not the most glamorous or well-shot photo but I want to remember what it’s like to be home with all three. We got outside to play despite being a little chilly (everyone was excited-well not Willa- to wear their winter hats that I had finally found) and basically it was a really nice, normal, nothing exciting but sweet afternoon together followed by a yummy dinner. These are the days!

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