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feeling like fall

a few moments from today.

the weather was beautiful and it was a pleasantly slow saturday.

willa seems to actually appreciate my (black) coffee but today i limited her to dipping her animal crakers in it. i do try to prevent her from actually drinking it.

i didn’t bring my phone but jean and i took the boys (including hobbes!) and willa to a new hiking spot at the hollow rock nature preserve. Willa loves a hike and even asked to hike tomorrow when i put her to bed.

willa asked me to sit in the chair in her room while she had book time in her crib.

maggie and i spent time during willa’s nap adding some (MUCH long awaited) finishing touches to the playhouse. We have plans for making it extra comfortable and decorated for christmas.

the day was, of course, not without its significant ups and downs and i have a considerable amount of work to do this weekend – but it is so worthwhile to pause and reflect on the lovely.

strawberries and sanitation

a little over a week ago we went strawberry picking! (and then yesterday we went again!) i have to admit, after 5ish weeks of avoiding all public places (especially with the kids) it was startling to drive up to the packed parking lot of the strawberry farm. but, social distancing and hand washing were maintained.

Maggie at 3.5

In April, we celebrated Maggie’s half birthday (she doesn’t really get that yet but any excuse for a cupcake is a good enough reason for her!)

Maggie at 3.5 is exciting!

Right now, Maggie….

Loves to snack

No longer eats dairy (it “hurts her tummy”)

Has stopped napping for the most part

Is incredibly excited about her baby sister and talks to her already

Loves to play with her friends, her dolls/stuffed animals,

Loves to swim and is confident!

Can be very particular about what she wears

Is still obsessed with Sofia the First (its the best when she sings along in the car, her favorite song is “Anything”)

Things “anything” means nothing (ie if I ask her what she’s doing she says, “Anything”.)

Gets really sad and upset when she thinks she’s in trouble

Loves to paint

Loves to watch shows

Loves to go out and to help Mommy get ready and dressed up

Is super excited about her new umbrella and clock

Has recently started asking for a bicycle

Loves to try the (finally fixed) red truck with her friends in the cul-de-sac

Loves to buckle in her babies as well as herself! (new skill!)

Loves to talk about things she’ll do for the baby

Doesn’t wear her princess dresses nearly as often

Dresses up in accessories (princess shoes, sunglasses on her head, fan, headband)

Can be very moody in the morning (or any time of day…)

I recently asked Maggie some questions:

What is your favorite thing to eat?:  Cereal (eating it while I asked)

What is your favorite show?: Sofia

What is your favorite thing to do with Jackson?: Run around

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?: Play

Mommy?: Play with you

What do you think about having a baby sister?: Love her

What do you want to do at the beach?: Be with you and the baby


“I like playing with my baby sister and doing stuff with her.”


Fave color?: Yellow

Fave thing to wear?: Dresses

What do you like to do with your friends?: Play with them (and play with baby sister, she likes this cereal right?)

She continued….

“Im going to play with my baby sister when she pops out of your tummy.  Im going to play with her and help you change her clothes.  We can put some cozy pajamas on her.  I can hold her when she pops out like this.  She’s gonna love that .  She’s gonna love me.  She’s gonna love her mommy her brother and her dad.  She doesn’t know who holly is.  I know holly but the baby doesn’t.  I tell her who her is.  Ill tell her right now”.

Maggie girl, we love you and can’t wait to see how you keep growing and changing (and staying the same too).  The next few months are going to be exciting for sure!


January Snow!

Last month we got some good snow!  A good 5-6 inches! Unfortunately, I was recovering from the stomach bug on the first day ( I still dressed up those kiddos and sent them out) but was able to make it outside the next day.  It was so pretty!

Is this thing on?!

And I’m back! 
Looking forward to jumping back into this blogging life!

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