Jackson at 9.5

On May 1st we celebrated Jackson’s half birthday with some chocolate cake.

Sidenote: It is (sadly for me) a sign of the times lately that the blog posts I want to write take approximately 2.5 months to think about, begin, and complete (ie Willa’s 7 month post??)  But I am determined to continue documenting our crazy, stressful, tiring, always-changing, beautiful life and I realize that a few months off doesn’t really matter.  So yes, I am going to let them have a little bit more screen time at the moment to at least finish this post.  (🤞 )



You’re halfway through your tenth year of life!  You’ve been ours for about a decade and it’s been incredible.  Things about you right now that I want to hold onto are:

  • how absolutely incredible you are as a big brother to your sisters.  you love them so much.
  • you’re so curious
  • You’re a reader (!!!)
  • you love to listen to books (right now it’s Lord of the Rings) and play with legos in your room
  • you love to ride to school with your dad while either listening to trivia/jokes on the radio or books
  • you’re wrapping up 3rd grade!
  • you just finished a soccer season (with no broken bones!) and you really grew as a player.  you play soccer almost every day at recess and i think it has really helped you to improve.  you have more confidence and its been so fun to watch
  • you have helped me learn to throw a football and you love to play catch
  • you eat a lot of cereal
  • you still sleep like a rock
  • you love to pass the soccer ball or the football (you have a pretty good spiral!)
  • generally optimistic about our upcoming move

I want you to know that, I am so proud of you.  So grateful for you.  You are kind and thoughtful.  You are sensitive and understanding.

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  1. Eleanor Hawthorne

    What a cool kid!

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