Snow day!

I wasn’t sure we would get to see snow this winter but it finally came! Jackson’s school was cancelled yesterday with snow in the forecast and they are of course both home today. When the rain changed to snow yesterday afternoon the kids didn’t waste time getting out. This was Willa’s first time in the snow and I think she really liked it! She even laughed getting stuffed into snow gear 😊. This morning the kids were outside to play around 7:30 and we had cinnamon rolls. I’m pretty sure it will melt this afternoon but we are thankful and excited for our first Durham snow day.

Willa spotting snow for the first time!

One of my personal favorite views. Coffee.


  1. Eleanor

    I would like the picture of Willa standing alone to printed and sent to me so I can frame it and keep it forever. It’s so reminiscent of A Christmas Story with her arms out like that. haha

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